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Guys, tired of shaving, waxing, plucking?

There are many reasons why men want to remove facial and body hair.  It’s become a lot more acceptable, even expected, for a man to clip, trim, shave or groom his body hair. We’ve become detached from the “hairy is masculine” stereotype and gotten accustomed to seeing men with smooth skin.


Why the increased popularity?


ü  For love

  • Your “other half” likes it.


ü  Athletics

  • Cycling and swimming are sports that often require no body hair for speed, but any sport where chafing can happen is a good candidate to prompt a man’s hair removal.


ü  Image

  • Men have become much more influenced by advertising. The trend among males in ads and commercials is to be smooth.


  • No one looks good with a unibrow.


ü  Health

  • Less hair can mean a cooler body and less build up of bacteria that leads to body odor. Some people associate hairlessness with cleanliness.


  • It reduces folliculitis (inflamed hair follicles) from hairs that may become infected or irritated.


If you are thinking about hair removal on your chest, shoulders, back, neckline, brow area, consider laser hair removal at Chelsea Skin & Laser. In my practice we use a medical grade laser to rid you of the hair you don’t want. This quality of laser is far superior to what you find at a salon, spa or medi-spa.  Because our lasers are of higher strength, they can work more effectively and reduce the need for return visits for treatment success.


Why does our laser hair removal top other methods?


  • It’s permanent. Once the hair follicles are destroyed the hair either never grows back or grows back at a significantly thinner quality.


  • It’s efficient. For most people, unwanted hair is virtually eliminated in 3-6 treatments. Salon, spa or medi-spa lasers can require more treatments therefore higher cost.


  • It eliminates ingrown hairs and folliculitis from shaving, waxing or plucking.


Dominic P. Moccia, RPA-C

Chelsea Skin & Laser

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