Daylight savings time has passed. The morning air carries a crisp reminder that winter is on the way. Just as in summer, there are ways to protect and nourish your skin for the season.


1) HYDRATE the skin from the inside and out. You may not be perspiring as much in December as you were in July but keep your water intake consistent.  Moisturize the skin right after showering to ensure better moisture absorption. If your hands or feet are particularly dry or cracked, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly and cover the area with cotton gloves or sox while you watch TV or sleep.


2) TAKE SHORT SHOWERS. A 3 minute shower at a moderate temperature is plenty to clean the body well. Long, hot showers may feel luxurious but they strip the skin of essential oils necessary for proper, natural hydration.


3) HIDE FROM ARCTIC BREEZES. Protect your exposed skin with hats, earmuffs, scarves, gloves. Even a few minutes of exposure to excessive cold or wind will cause dryness making the skin irritated, dry and more prone to aging.


4) USE a “broad spectrum” SUNBLOCK on exposed areas of SPF 30 or higher 15 minutes before heading out into the elements. Don’t forget to wear a good quality lip balm with an SPF. Chelsea Skin & Laser has created their own SPF 15 balm flavored with pomegranate and blueberry.


5) ADD MOISTURE to heat-treated air adding a room humidifier or try the old-fashioned method of placing a pan of water on the radiator.


If you find your skin overly irritated from the elements or experience dryness that won’t respond to over the counter moisturizers Chelsea Skin & Laser can help you.

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