Who doesn’t want to look younger longer? Take a peek in any magazine and almost every celebrity is doing something to keep themselves looking “fresher.” I bet your friends are, too. You can keep your skin not only looking and feeling younger, but healthier.

Topical retinoids, a Vitamin A derivative, were originally produced to treat acne. Simply stated, these medications help turn over skin cells at a faster rate than they normally would which keeps pores from clogging. The most well-known of the group is Retin-A Micro, but the generic tretinoin is available under many brand names.

As retinoids were studied further, the use of the product for prolonged periods of time proved a marked reduction in photodamage, lightening of dark spots, lessening the appearance of wrinkles, smoothing out the texture of the skin. Newer studies have shown that these medications help prevent some non-melanoma type skin cancers.

Commercials and ads for $200 over-the-counter anti-aging serums and creams that tout anti-aging results do not have millions of dollars-worth of scientific study behind them nor can they impact the skin on a topical and deeply cellular level. Retinoid therapy can bring your complexion to its best. Visit Chelsea Skin and Laser to discuss the benefits of retinoid therapy for you.

Dominic Moccia
Registered Physician Assistant
Chelsea Skin & Laser

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