The White Coats Are Coming!!

You may “love” your doctor but no one really loves going TO the doctor or feeling ill. The anxiety associated with doctors, hospitals and office visits is for some real fear. So much so that this phobia has a name: Iatrophobia , the fear of an object, idea, person or situation. It’s also referred to as “white coat syndrome.” There is a percentage of the population who has a specific aversion to needles called belonephobia. The sight of blood can make some uncomfortable (hemophobia). These deep and, sometimes, irrational social fears can have a negative impact on someone’s care. Patients will often avoid care completely, refuse tests or treatments and withhold information from their practitioner.

At Chelsea Skin & Laser we try to provide a calm and supportive environment for your care. We want you to feel relaxed and well cared for. If you experience anxiety there are a few simple things that might help. First, let us know you feel anxious. Talking about it often takes the edge off. You can ask for a squeeze ball, or two. We have wonderful topical numbing cream and are happy to apply it to a treatment area beforehand. Meditate on a pleasant image for a few minutes before your appointment. Look away during the treatment and focus on something in the room. Talk about baseball. Remember to breathe.

Most procedures and treatments in our office are non-invasive and will, ultimately, let you feel better about how you face the world. We are here to help make your whole experience as healthy as possible.

AJ Vincent
Chelsea Skin & Laser

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