The skin reflects our emotions. When we feel lovingly towards someone, the skin is warm, pliable, pink. When we are frightened, threatened, insecure, the blood drains from the skin to the large body muscles. The skin goes pale, cold and more rigid. “Hot and bothered” isn’t just a cliché. When embarrassment strikes the body produces sweat to cool it off.  Eczema often has emotional indicators that something else is going on. Skin symptoms can resolve themselves when patients seek to calm their minds as well as their skin. Stress and lack of sleep too have visible effects on the skin often triggering acne, inflammation, infections, wrinkles, dark under eye circles. What to do? When discussing your skin with your practitioner at Chelsea Skin & Laser, 212-675-0549, let them know of any life changes, recent sources of stress or disappointment, sleep difficulties or even great joy. This is important in treating the whole person, not just what’s on the surface.

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